Meet the cast CJ De Mooi

CJ De Mooi

1)    What is your full name, and who do you play?
CJ de Mooi. I play Menenius in Coriolanus and Thersites in Troilus & Cressida

 2)    What was your fist experience of theatre?
Appearing in Our Day Out at The Crucible in Sheffield

 3)    Who is your biggest theatrical hero?
Ian McKellen
4)    What are you most looking forward to in the process and performance of Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus?
Getting my teeth into Thersites (with the exception of 1 line, he has no direct interaction with any other character) A challenge!
5)    What was the best piece of theatre you have seen this year?
Zanna, Don’t! 
6)    What Shakespearian role would you most like to play next?
I’ve played many pantomime villains (and The Guardian described me as ‘a future Bond villain’) so of course it’s got to be Iago! 
7)    Who would you say is the biggest influence in your life?
My husband Andrew. I literally would not be alive today without him. 
8)    If you had to be a cake, what cake would you be and why?
Completely nuts but very low in fat 😉 
9)    If you wanted one thing for an audience to get out of Our World at War rep what would it be and why?
Shakespeare most certainly does not have to be dry and dull (even though most of it is presented like it) 
10)  We are playing with the idea of both plays are games, what’s your favourite board game and why?
Chess. I always found it fascinating (pure skill and, to all purposes, infinite) and became quite a strong player.  

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