Meet the Cast – Becky Borland


1) What’s your name and where do you come from and who do you play?
I’m Becky Borland from London and I play Pistol and Scroop.

2) What is your most memorable / exciting theatrical experience?
My most exciting theatrical experience was working on a modern adaptation of Antigone, set in the 50’s. It was a hugely challenging physical piece. I learnt to swing dance and was flipped over on a balcony, luckily I didn’t fall off! 

3) Who is your biggest theatrical hero / icon?
My biggest theatrical icon is Kevin Spacey. I have seen him perform many times at the Old Vic and think his work is always honest and brave. 

4) What are you most excited about in being part of our all-female Henry V?
I’m most excited about being part of an all female cast and playing roles that are originally written for men and seeing how we can make them just as powerful and meaningful with a few extra twists.
5) What should an audience expect from Henry V?

An audience should expect to have there original views on Henry V challenged and to see the play in a new and exciting light. Women’s lives changed dramatically due to the effects of war and this will be a play that show an audience a new prospective of war.

6) Some say Henry V is all about games, war games, sport games, board games, what’s your favorite game and why?
My favourite game is Volley ball. I may not be the best at it but I love the team spirit and the competitiveness of the game. I’m always shattered afterwards but it’s great fun! 



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