Meet the Cast – Nuala McGowan

Nuala McGowan

1) What’s your name and where do you come from and who do you play?
Nuala McGowan from Northern Ireland and I play Jamy/Bedford/Bourbon.

2) What is your most memorable / exciting theatrical experience?
Going to see a production of “Macbeth” in the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast when I was 17 and recently going to see Punchdrunk’s “The Drowned Man”.

3) Who is your biggest theatrical hero / icon?
I loved Juliette Stevenson in “Duet for one” and Jamie Ballard gave the most truthful performance I have ever seen as “Macduff” in “Macbeth” at the Trafalgar Studios.

4) What are you most excited about in being part of our all-female Henry V?
I think I am excited about any battle scenes there may be! I did martial arts for 5 years and I love a bit of fighting!

5) What should an audience expect from Henry V?
A rabble rousing performance highlighting women’s roles in warfare that will lift you out of your seats to go and fight for England!

6) Some say Henry V is all about games, war games, sport games, board games, what’s your favourite game and why?
My favourite game has to be “sock fights”. A game my sisters and i made up. It’s kind of like a snowball fight but with pairs of socks that you can play inside the house.



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