Meet the Cast – Louise Goodfield

Louise goodfield

1) What’s your name and where do you come from and who do you play?
My name is Louise Goodfield and I am originally from Surrey. I play the part of Salisbury, Boy and share the part of Alice with my fellow band of brothers! 

2) What is your most memorable / exciting theatrical experience?
Performing at the Criterion Theatre for my Graduation showcase. The moment when I realised that this wasn’t a little girl’s dream any more – it was my wonderful reality and I had to make it work no matter what. The theatre immediately felt like home – I’d have moved in and had tea with the audience every night – but alas I could not afford the rent.

3) Who is your biggest theatrical hero / icon?
Charlie Chaplin – extraordinary tenacity in the face of adversity and utter dedication to his craft. Despite his humble and extremely difficult beginnings in the workhouses of London, he became a pioneer. With his iconic character ‘The Tramp’ he helped turn an industry into an art.

4) What are you most excited about in being part of our all-female Henry V?
This is the first all-female production I have been cast in so I extremely interested in the conversations and discussions it has already started with my friends, family, other cast members and even complete strangers. 

5) What should an audience expect from Henry V?
Not to expect anything but to come with an open mind and let the the life, strength and humanity of the production completely fill up your senses and take you to wherever it will.

6) Some say Henry V is all about games, war games, sport games, board games, what’s your favorite game and why?
Hide and Seek – Being only 4’11 (5 foot when I’ve eaten my weetabix) means that for once I have a slight advantage of being able to squeeze into cupboards/drawers/boxes and all manner of tiny spaces – winner! 

hide and seek


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