Henry V Rehearsals Day 5

I am currently stuck on a train at Paddington station that was supposed to be on it’s way to Somerset (fed up of armpits and bags in my face on the tube so off to find some greenery) and I have no idea when we will be moving – so good news for you, you have my undivided attention!

Today’s word for the day is ‘French Scening’
 Basically, we ran the play from the beginning and at each entrance and exit of a character, music is played, and the ensemble who aren’t in the scene, dance, jig or move their limbs in some way around the playing space.  Now for the second part and the element that really throws up a harsh light onto just how important pointing the text is. (By this I also mean pointing in the correct places and not just where you like because it feels ‘shakespearian’).

Knowing exactly what your character is saying (and also what they mean by it) is imperative, but I think, in addition to this and arguably more important is that the AUDIENCE know what your saying, that you take care of them first. In your head you may be saying it in the right tone to the ‘general’ inclination but most of the audience have never heard these words spoken before and you don’t have the opportunity to repeat the same vital information over again (unless shakespeare deliberately conceives it to be so) to make sure they really get it. You have one chance.  I can happily say that we have achieved an incredible amount today – but – and a very big but, we still have a lot to do.



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