Henry V Rehearsals Day 6

Good evening everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.

There’s no monday blues in the Henry V camp today! Gavin Harrington-Odedra, the Associate Director, (Who I’ve decided wins the most epic surname award) joins us once again and the cast get stuck into some warm ups and rhythm exercises.

We all created a simple four step beat in time to each other. Then, small groups would drive forward and play with sound, rhythm and movements on top of the basic beat. The perfect opportunity to wake up all of those sleeping vocal ranges, loosen up the joints and burn off the Sunday roast all at the same time!

We took this further by creating a human orchestra. Consecutively, each member entered the space and slowly wove together a rich tapestry of sound and movement, Building up to a crescendo and then slowly unpicking to a single sound and movement. Both of these exercises made me feel more of a unit with my other comrades and the listening and discipline involved all develop skills needed to create a successful team. If we are going to be soldiers in this war we must move and think as one!

‘Keepy upies’ with a Dora the Explorer ball however, did not go so well….we were put to shame upon hearing previous (mainly male) casts having achieving around a hundred. But I shall seamlessly gloss over this….

For the final part of the day we completed our ‘French Scening’ of the play. (Just as I had gotten the ABBA songs out of my head!) We worked extensively on Harry’s internal monologue where she questions what it is to be a king and live on ‘idle ceremony’. She talks of the burden of bearing the weight and responsibility of a whole nation while baser born men and women sleep soundly in their beds, free of the pressures of politics, war and weighty, crushing matters. I think this still really relates today with our current celebrity culture and even certain attitudes towards the Monarchy. I have heard numerous people over the years say, ‘what do our monarchy actually do?’ or ‘what are they actually famous for?’ Yet, would many of us be able to cope with the constant scrutiny, the intrusive and obsessive paparazzi, the realisation that your one decision could end up affecting millions?

The vulnerability and blunt honesty that Colette delivered the speech today makes me very excited for you all to see it and come close with Harry the person rather than Henry the Monarch.

So while you sleep peacefully in your beds tonight have a thought for all of the world leaders out there tossing and turning knowing exactly what we think of them, what we expect of them and whether they are at all even right for the job. Because if they don’t do it, who will?

Watch this space!

L.G – Lights Out!


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