Meet the Cast – Rehanna MacDonald


1) What’s your name and where do you come from and who do you play?
I’m Rehanna. I’m from Glasgow and I’m playing the Dauphin, Macmorris and the bishop of Ely.

2) What is your most memorable / exciting theatrical experience?
I recently saw Hamlet back home in Glasgow at the Citz. They opened the wings. Had the actors playing all sorts of instruments. I was just really engaged for the whole play which was rather lovely seeing as it’s the longest one! The drowning scene was in a steel looking bathtub with a single purple light shining down on Ophelia. The whole thing looked beautiful. 

3) Who is your biggest theatrical hero / icon?
I love David Grieg.

4) What are you most excited about in being part of our all-female Henry V?
I’ve never been in a cast of 10 women so I’m looking forward to the unknown.

5) What should an audience expect from Henry V?

6) Some say Henry V is all about games, war games, sport games, board games, what’s your favorite game and why?
Monopoly. Pretending I’m rich.



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