Meet the Cast – Tom Woodward


Give us your full name and the character you are playing.
Tom Woodward. Fat Prince, Lavrenti, Various
Where in the UK are you from?
Newtown, Powys.
What was your first theatrical experience, either on stage or in the auditorium?
My first introduction to theatre was in primary school. I played a boy who lost his teddy bear in a Safeway supermarket. After the shop closed the bear and the produce came to life. I don’t remember if I found the bear in the end, but I must have, otherwise it would have been a pretty harrowing primary school production.What was your first experience of Brecht?
This is my first experience of Brecht. I went to a very Stanislavski led drama school so it’s refreshing to learn a new technique.

What was your first experience of The Caucasian Chalk Circle?
Again, being apart of this production is the first time I’ve come into contact with CCC.
What was your first thought when you heard about a production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle?What’s this all about then?
Tell us the title of your favourite play.
Richard III.
Who is your theatrical inspiration?
I think watching great theatre inspires me most. It drives me to work harder and be better at what I do.
If you had to choose, who is your favourite actor?
I love so many people, but I respect the actors who bridge theatre and screen most. Maxine Peake and Ben Whishaw immediately spring to mind.
What’s your favourite party game? 
I’ve been known to make a pretty elaborate quiz.
Want to know more about what’s happening in the rehearsal room, take a look at our blog.
23rd February – 12th March , 2016

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