Meet the Cast – Simão Ramos


Give us your full name and the character you are playing.
My name is Simão Ramos and I’m playing Jessup and Shauva.
Where in the UK are you from?
I am originally from Portugal, and moved to London in August 2014.
What was your first theatrical experience, either on stage or in the auditorium?
I was sixteen years old when I had my first theatrical experience, in a high school play called Prejudice.
What was your first experience of Brecht?
In my second year at Drama school in Portugal, I was in a production of Brecht’s The Decision. That was my first contact with his work.
What was your first experience of The Caucasian Chalk Circle?
This has been the first time I’ve worked The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Quite an intense experience.
What was your first thought when you heard about a production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle?
I found out about this production through a friend of mine. She suggested that I should audition for the company, and because I’d done The Decision before, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit his work. It’s not the kind of playwright you see every day on a London stage, at least not by my experience.
Tell us the title of your favourite play.
My favorite play is Glengarry Glen Ross, by David Mamet.
Who is your theatrical inspiration?
Daniel Day-Lewis.
If you had to choose, who is your favourite actor?
Again, Daniel Day-Lewis.
What’s your favourite party game? 
Trivial Pursuit.
Want to know more about what’s happening in the rehearsal room, take a look at our blog.
23rd February – 12th March , 2016

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