Meet the Cast – Alasdair Melrose


1)    What’s your name and where do you come from?
My name is Alasdair and I am from London.

2)    Who do you play?
I play Matt of the Mint and the whore Molly Brazen.

3)    What were your first impressions of the project?
It was being directed by a crazy person.

4)    What has been the highlight of the project so far?
Getting the brollies involved.

5)    What’s the most challenging part of the process?
Challenging! I eat challenges for breakfast.

6)    What are you most looking forward to in the remainder of the project?
Getting it all together and specifically staging the gallows scene and number.

7)    Who is your biggest inspiration?
Frank Lampard.

8)    What is your favourite musical of all time?
Singing in the Rain

9)    If you could play any role in a musical, (other than the one you are playing in The Beggar’s Opera) what would it be and why?
Don Lockwood, because dignity, always dignity.

10) The Beggar’s Opera is all about chancers and opportunity, a ‘Live-for-today’ kind of attitude, if you could give one piece of advice to your younger self or to anyone else what would it be?
Whatever the cool kids do, do the opposite.


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