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Meet the Cast – Stephen Emery

Stepehen Emery

Give us your full name and the character you are playing.
Stephen Emery, Lancaster.

Where in the world are you from?
Hertfordshire, England.

What was your first theatrical experience, either on stage or in the auditorium?
Miss Saigon when I was 4!

What was your first experience of Marlowe?
Performing in Tamburlaine the Great with Lazarus in 2015.

What’s the event in the play that you’re most excited about discovering?
The Death of Edward.

Who’s your favourite character, other than your own?

Tell us the title of your favourite play.
No Exit.

Who is your theatrical inspiration?
Stephen Sondheim.

If you had to choose, who is your favourite actor?
Rory Kineer.

What’s your favourite game show?
Krypton Factor.


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February 20th Photo of the Day

The Caucasian Chalk Circle Rehearsal photo taken by Adam Trigg
Brockley Jack Theatre 23rd February – 12th March , 2016

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Caucasian Chalk Circle

In the days leading up to Opening and Press Nights for our production of Bertolt Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle at the the Brockley Jack we’re going to be showing you behind the scenes in the rehearsal room in our Photos of the Day, and our 60 Second – Meet the Cast posts.12657995_1012593092141578_5110253785933362312_o
The Caucasian Chalk Circle Rehearsal photo taken by Adam Trigg
Brockley Jack Theatre 23rd February – 12th March, 2016


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Henry V

We are deeply saddened to announce that due to a serious road incident involving our Director, we have taken the very difficult decision to postpone our forthcoming production of Henry V.

We want to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to sharing our all-female Henry V shortly.

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November 8th Photo of the Day


Henry V Rehearsal photo taken by Adam Trigg
Waterloo East Theatre 11th to 29th November, 2014.

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Henry V Rehearsals Day 13

Happy Bonfire Night Everyone!
I have just got back from flyering for the show on the Southbank with the lovely Rosanna, and despite the freezing temperatures I actually really enjoyed it. It gave us a chance to meet people, observe their reactions and to note how they feel at the thought of such a production. It is a very interesting social experiment. Londoners can spot a flyerer a mile off, it’s like a little alarm goes off in their ears saying, ‘danger, danger!! Avert avert!’ And they then proceed to walk in a circular motion as far away from you as possible. I felt like a leper. But we are all guilty of it, assuming it’s for a club or a takeaway. By assuming, however, you may miss something really exciting. I will make a mental note for that in the future.
Although, so many more people were intrigued and took a flyer than didn’t. One couple walked briskly away as I spoke to them and a little way past me the woman stopped and came back. ‘I’m sorry, did you just say an all-female cast of Henry V?’ I nodded and then showed her the flyer. ‘It’s only just sunk in what you actually said, I’d love to have one thank you’ Then, as luck would have it I offered a flyer without realising to an old university friend who also did Drama and now works at the National theatre and we hD a wonderful conversation about it. Then there was also someone who knew the Director Ricky Dukes and a girl who said she had a friend in the production. It really makes you realise how small the theatre world is, and how important it is to get out there and meet people and talk about it in person as that may be the extra effort that someone needs in order to actually purchase a ticket.
Today, admittedly, rehearsals were hard for all involved. But I always see it as a colouring book, when you first begin you can colour at will in large sweeping like motions and there is something really satisfying about filling in an empty page with a block of colour. However, when you get closer to finishing the picture, more care has to be taken and decisions of detail have to be made to make sure you don’t colour over the lines. This takes longer and is more painstaking the closer you get to the end because you want to get it right and the final product begins to really matter to the artist.
We seemed to have struggled a little with the muscularity of the text, getting lost in stage directions and logistics. However for both to work and especially for the director to know what could work, both of these elements need as much time and effort taken over them as eachother. Having said this, it is easy to forget just how far we have come as we get used to what we see. Things that got me really excited today was seeing Tewkesbury’s transformation and development of character suddenly blast into action. As well as this, the movement of the troops from Southampton to France will be beautiful and intriguing to watch  and the use of light and darkness in Henry’s haunting scenes, which are completely original to Lazarus’s production, create an extremely disturbing and eerie effect. Lastly, and very befitting of the poem below and why we celebrate bonfire night – the treacherous traitors have been found out and justice will see them fall!
Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, guy, t’was his intent
To blow up king and parliament.
Three score barrels were laid below
To prove old England’s overthrow.
By God’s mercy he was catch’d
With a darkened lantern and burning match.
So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.
Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king
L.G (6 Days till P-Day…)

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Troilus & Cressida and Coriolanus Rehearsals day 13

Today was a day that saw many babies being born, a gardening adventure that spawned a new epic nautical-themed musical that was swiftly cancelled, and a crowing of the King of the LX tape. Confused? Good. It’s just another morning in the rehearsal room.
Since last I wrote, we now have a shape of Coriolanus, with the end of Troilus and Cressida also creeping into view. It’s a tremendous relief to be at this position for the staging of Coriolanus, as we are no longer at odds with the unknown, but now know the potential of the piece, and can work towards expanding it further. We now have our balloon, and we can now focus on getting as much air as we can and fill that balloon ’till it nearly pops. The figurative balloon for Coriolanus, and the literal one for T & C.

Interestingly, the issue of pace came up today. It was notable to see, that when the pace is energetic, the text flies off the page and the story races by, and you find yourself many episodes later. This production wont be a self-indulgent piece of angst and strife, but rather a ballsy, punchy, punchy-ballsy Shakespearean jackhammer.

Tomorrow we once again delve into Troy, as Rome waits patiently. We are hitting a stride, good thing to, with previews peeking around the corner.


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