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Spanish Tragedy Workshop Day 1

During the our process of building The Spanish Tragedy, Assistant Director Ellie Chadwick shall be sharing the processes, the trials and tribulations of all the goings on in the Lazarus rehearsal room.

Today was an exciting initial look at this fantastic and challenging play, diving straight in at the deep end and focusing on the theme of War. The company started off with a thorough warm up, using activities combining super focus and concentration with a nice sweaty physical workout! We then started to tackle the text by examining one of the opening speeches describing the events of the battle between Portugal and Spain. The piece depicts the heroism and skill present in war as well as conjuring images of the horrific, harsh reality in wonderfully evocative language. Through textual analysis, discussion and physical exercises – and some inspirational music thrown in for good measure – we picked apart, digested and began to really explore the text and the theme of War as an ensemble. A fun and productive first day… Catch up with us next week as we continue workshops and delve into the deaths and ghosts of Jacobean drama!


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