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Meet the Cast – Gareth Balai

Gareth Balai

Give us your full name and the character you are playing.
Gareth Balai – Sly

Where in the world are you from?
East London.

What was your first theatrical experience, either on stage or in the auditorium?
  My first theatrical experience was playing Epimetheus in my Primary school’s production of Pandora’s Box.

What was your first experience of Shakespeare?
It was probably studying Macbeth in primary school but the first Shakespeare I remember seeing and loving, was a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theatre.

What’s the event in the play that you’re most excited about discovering?
I’m excited about discovering everything in this play and see how we can make it relatable to a modern audience.

Who’s your favourite character, other than your own?
Grumio. He is just so comical and ridiculous and it really invites for some brilliant, slapstick comedy.

Tell us the title of your favourite play.
Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco.

Who is your theatrical inspiration?
There are way to many to choose from but I would have to say recently, Frank Langella or Jessie Mueller. They are both so electric and captivating on stage and the detail in their work is phenomenal.

If you had to choose, who is your favourite actor?
So hard to choose but I’d have to say Meryl Streep.

What’s your favourite festival experience?
I’ve never been to a music festival but I did go to a Renaissance Festival in New York which was really cool but also very bizarre.


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